About Combat Barbie Firearms Training

WendyMartinphoto2The goal of Combat Barbie Firearms Training is to provide the highest level of instruction and up to date firearms skills with safety being our #1 goal! Our prime focus is to educate and train women how to safely and properly protect themselves with the use of firearms and knowledge. Whether it be for personal protection, sport, or competition we can help you with any and all needs.

We have certified NRA instructors for all levels of shooters and offer a variety of courses and training from beginner shooters to advanced shooters. We offer Concealed Weapon Courses, NRA Courses, Tactical Shooting Courses, Range Instruction (private or group) Self Defense Courses, Safety Courses, and Refuse to be a Victim Course (non-shooting course).

We are passionate about shooting and truly welcome all females beginners or advanced shooters.  You will receive guidance and education in the areas of defense for women, conceal carry, or competitive shooting. We want to inspire those that want to learn the basic fundamentals of shooting in a relaxed fun atmosphere. We are here to be supportive, encouraging and to lead by example personal responsibility in areas of firearm ownership. Women with guns are becoming the largest group of consumers purchasing firearms today and the industry is sitting up and taking notice of our gender with “pink” firearms and accessories. There are many of us who like the new “bling”.

Why now…Women with Firearms:

WendyMartin1Many woman are home alone at night while their husbands or significant others may be working or on a business trip. This can cause anxiety, stress and worry meaning we aren’t getting that good night's sleep when they are not home. In the news we are noticing more and more blatant and aggressive break in burglaries which usually include bodily harm to the innocent victim. We become more anxious or just plain paranoid from the unforeseen unknowns. Fear in the dead of night can be overwhelming and can lead to out of control thoughts that create our minds to play tricks on the actual reality.

We have been told that women are the weaker sex. Bull, you are as strong in your mind as you want to be. We are thought of as the care-givers, nurturers, willful and strong but we do not give ourselves any credit. A strong and empowered woman always knows her strength and this gives her the ability to manage and control the chaos she lives in. Women are very much the same if we work together. If we as women limit ourselves and allow fear to take control of us, we give away our strength and power. When we stop agonizing in our own abilities, our true strength comes out and is revealed.

To the men who understand, encourage your wives, girlfriends and daughters to get educated. Send them to a class that will take special care of their individualized needs.  We are a nation of women who have become more aware of all aspects of our daily lives. We are also confident there are those whom others trust, promote, respect and pursue to be part of a winning team.  Please feel free to browse our website and contact us if you would like to take one of our courses offered or if you have any questions. Thank you for checking out our website and hope to hear from you soon.

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